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Some questions asked

How to pay rent online using a credit card?

Tenants can easily transfer the monthly rent to their landlord’s bank account, using their credit card. For rent transfer, one should have their landlord’s bank account number and IFSC code. Once the bank details get verified, the user will be able to make the transfer. Once the transaction is completed, the landlord will be notified through an SMS on his mobile number. While the transfer may take up to 48 hours, the tenant can track the payment status on the link which is provided once the amount is deducted from his credit card limit.

How does online rent payment through creditcard work?

The credit limit provided by your bank can be used for online rent payment. The amount is deducted from your available credit line, and is directly transferred to the landlord’s bank account. A nominal convenience charge is levied to facilitate this credit card balance transfer which could be offset against the rewards point and additional deals earned as offered by your credit card provider.

What are the benefits of paying rent using a credit card?

First off, paying rent through credit cards can offer substantial relief to those who face fund shortage at the end or beginning of the month because of a variety of reasons. Using a credit card for rent payment allows the tenant to utilise unused credit limits and get other benefits and advantages, as well. Some of the other advantages of using credit card are:

  • Unlike cash transfer, credit card expenses earn reward points that can be redeemed, in exchange for flight tickets, shopping deals, etc.
  • Using credit card for large transactions can improve the user’s credit score. However, this has to be followed by timely payments.
  • Easy and timely payments can be made without worrying about the fund shortage.
  • Credit card rent payments can be easily automated for scheduled transfer every month on a certain date
  • Easy and timely payments can be made without worrying about the fund shortage.
  • Credit card rent payments can be easily automated for scheduled transfer every month on a certain date.

How to get rent receipts for online rent payment?

Rent receipts are generated automatically once thetransfer is completed. These rent receipts are sent on the email address provided by the user or can be downloaded from transaction history. For claiming HRA through these rent receipts, users would need to provide the landlord’s PAN and the address of the rented premise.

Benefits of paying rent online using nupay.co.in

nupay.co.in Pay Rent feature enables quick transfers, along with loads of benefits and offers. Users can also generate rent receipts instantly, for claiming tax deductions on their house rent allowance. The Pay Rent feature is available for credit card, debit card and UPI payments. Along with this,nupay.co.in offers exclusive rewards and deals from leading brands, against rent payment through credit card. This is over and above the credit card reward points that banks offer for credit limit utilisation. So, as compared to any other service provider, users get to earn additional discounts, offers and a lot more goodies,by using nupay.co.in’s Pay Rent feature.

While the Pay Rent platform allows rent payment through UPI and other mediums, credit card payments are the most rewarding, if you are planning to pay timely rent without putting your cash flows under stress.

Is it safe to pay through Nupay Pay Rent?

Your security is our priority. Nupay does not store any of your confidential information and all your transactions are secure and encrypted.

How do I benefit by using Nupay Pay Rent?

Nupay allows you to pay the house rent, office rent, security deposit etc through Credit Card. You will get to earn handsome cash-backs and reward points.

Are there any charges for using Nupay Pay Rent?

We levy a small convenience charge when you pay through credit card. The amount is mentioned in the payment page and is included in the final payment.

How do I pay the house rent through Nupay?

You will need to sign up with Nupay and enter some basic details such as your landlord’s name, account information and your rent amount. This is a one-time activity only. The next time you will not be asked to enter all these details again.

Can I pay rent through Nupay if my landlord is not registered on it?

Of course! Your landlord will receive the rent even if he is not registered on Nupay. If you have entered the correct details of the bank, the transaction will be completed and the landlord will be notified on successful completion through an SMS.

How will my landlord receive the rent through Nupay?

You will be asked to enter your landlord’s bank account details. These details are verified and when you transact, Nupay transfers the rent amount to your landlord’s account. The amount is usually transferred as per agreed terms. But sometimes, it may take up to 48 hours to reflect in the landlord's account.

How can I get the rent receipt after successful rent payment?

Rent receipts will be generated automatically and you will receive it on the email address that you have provided. You can also download it anytime from transaction history. Make sure that you have also provided us details such as your landlord’s PAN number and the rental address.

Will I be able to claim HRA if I pay through Nupay?

Absolutely! You can submit the rent receipts to claim the HRA exemption. Nupay generates receipts for all the payments you have completed.

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